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Wellness in the Workplace

As an ex-corporate employee, I understand the stress, pressure, and target-driven environments. The majority of my career has been spent in the banking sector, working in an ever-changing environment with increased pressure to perform resulting in a number of staff going on sick leave, low staff morale, lack of enthusiasm, and low productivity. 

If well-being, mindfulness, and practices such as breathwork were offered as a tool, I have no doubt my job satisfaction, enthusiasm, contentment, and happiness in the workplace would have been fulfilled.

Unfortunately, it never was!

I believe every business should offer staff wellness education, tools, and experiences to ensure staff are valued and their well-being considered. In return, a happy working environment creates a thriving and well-motivated team who will leverage your business forward. Hire me for wellness in your business or workplace.

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USS LTD - Liverpool Liver Building 

Last week I attended my first breathwork classwork, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little uncertain, however from the moment I met Sammy I felt at ease. Sammy explained the class, the expectations and benefits of breathwork in such a calming way all uncertainty was elevated within the first couple of minutes. This class was put on within my lunch break at work signing up for it I had no idea how beneficial this would be. The class gave calming to the mind, quietened the incessant chatter and allowed me to tap into stillness and peace. I came out of the class relaxed and refocused able to continue my day, breathing deeply and without all the “noise” that gets in the way. A wonderful session thank you Sammy, I now have an insight into the power of breathwork. I would definitely recommend and will be looking out for more of Sammy’s classes. Thanks Em

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