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Why breathwork?

Breathwork refers to a variety of techniques that involve intentional changes in breathing patterns to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. There are two main dynamics of breathwork that I bring to all my events and when working with clients 121.


Firstly, we explore functional breathing, this is where we look at our everyday breathing habits. Functional breathing helps to improve your quality of focus, concentration, posture, sleep and helps reduce anxiety.


Secondly, is circular breathing also known as Conscious Connected Breathing, an incredible breathing technique that works on a therapeutic level helping with emotional regulation, subconscious blockages and overcoming inner conflict, and limiting beliefs. 

Other benefits of breathwork include: 


Reduction in anxiety
Emotional integration & regulation

Release of subconscious blockages
Release of physical tension
Self-awareness & mental clarity
Alleviation of self-sabotage
Increased embodiment
Increased energy levels

I truly believe the breath is the foundation for a better life, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Without a solid foundation, nothing is stable and nothing is supported. A tree can only grow as far as its roots have grown. The breath is your route in and the breath is your anchor.


Breathe with me!

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